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TCS OS (Telecom Control Systems Operating System)
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TCS OS (Telecom Control Systems Operating System)
To simplify management of our TCS devices we have developed the TCS OS (Telecom Control Systems Operating System) that has the same approach regardless of the devices (i.e. TCs 3.5, TCS-CAM etc.) where it is used.
Not all the devices have all the commands and some of the commands have a slightly different implementation, nevertheless anybody who has a little experience with any of our products will find it very simple to use the others. The TCS OS will remain basically unchanged as long as we make these products to allow any customer to build solutions that will keep working even with new boards. Nevertheless, to improve quality and according to customer suggestions we may from time to time change some command implementation. Usually this will not disrupt any of your existing applications, anyway always refer to the details available on line and not to what you may have received in a CD ROM with the TCS product you have bought.

In the TCS OS operating system commands are the same (almost) if they are given via SMS or via Command Line. There are obvious differences due to size of the SMSs that prevent some commands to be issued in this way.
It is possible to issue commands in Command Line mode connecting to the board with a Terminal utility (i.e. Hyperterminal) or connecting a pc with a serial cable to RS232 port, on the products where this port is available.
To enter wireless Command Line mode, place a Data call, enter the password and then start issuing commands after the prompt /.
To enter wired Command Line mode, connect the TCS board to a PC via the RS232 port, use Hyperterminal or the TCS Logger Software on the PC, push the 'enter' key and when 'Hello' appears, press 'menu' (lower case letters). You will be prompted for a password and then you will enter the command line mode (/) from which you can issue any of the following commands.

This is an example we have logged with the TCS-Commander of many commands issued to a TCS board connected to a PC.

TCS OS Command List
This is the list of available commands effective on February 23 2004. If the product column has a Y it means the command is fully implemented, if there is nothing it means NOT implemented, (Y) means implemented with some limitations or must be bought as an option or is installed on custom versions only (ask).
A TCS Command string sent by SMS always begins with the command #PWD. The default Password is 123456, change it as you prefer with #CAP and #CUP commands. A typical command, needed to set the service center (otherwise the unit won't be able to send SMS in most cases) is #PWD12345#SCA+3900100234 where the +3900100234 is just an example and should be substituted by your SMS service center number.

In the list below most important commands that you must know are in bold characters.

? Help on line. Not available in all devices and versions Y - - - - - -
#ACM selects ACcess Mode for voice call functions Y Y Y Y Y    
#ACU Automatic Clock Update: auto sets clock on TCS-MINI and TCS-MICRO   Y Y        
#ALR enables (ON) or Disables (OFF) the generation of an ALeRt SMS Y Y Y Y Y Y  
#AMS Stores and reads text for programmable Alarm MeSsages Y Y Y Y Y Y  
#ARM Auto Reset gsm Modem daily at 3:00 am Y Y Y (Y) Y Y  
#CAP Change Admin Password Y Y Y Y Y Y  
#CCA reads/writes Counter CompArator values for inputs Y Y Y Y      
#CLA Set RTC wake up time from low power mode N N N Y N N  
#CLB CalL Back the tel data number indicated Y Y Y Y   Y  
#CLK Sets CLocK and date values (replaced by RTC in recent versions) Y            
#CNP read/writes sub CouNters (Partial) Y Y Y Y      
#CNT read/writes CouNters Total for inputs Y Y Y Y      
#CSQ Check gsm rf Signal Quality (0-32) Y Y Y (Y) Y Y  
#CTR make Com TRansparent: put RS232 port in direct connection to the GSM modem for a xxxxx amount of seconds Y Y          
#CTO Sets output (01/08) used by ChronoThermostat software (Y)            
#CUP Change User Password Y Y Y Y Y Y  
#DAY Writes temperature for selected days of week (Y)            
#DBG DeBuG: sends a copy of all incoming messages to TELephone Nr.8 (Y) (Y) (Y) (Y) (Y) (Y)  
#DDC Switch Direct Data Call: Switch next Data Calls to TCS command mode or to COM Port Y Y          
#EGA Enable Gps Alarm       Y      
#END Exits TCS command mode Y Y Y Y Y Y  
#ERS Erase LOG sector       Y      
#EVE Set condition for EVEnt alarm (AND with input 1-8) Y            
#GIO? Get Input Output; Reads current Input Output status Y Y Y Y Y    
#GLG? Get LoG: reads a LOG string by SMS with comma separated variables (Y)     Y   Y  
#GOT? Gate Opening Time: sets the relay pulse time length in ms (Y) (Y) Y        
#GPS Get GPS position       Y      
#GSI Get LOG memory sector information       Y      
#GSR Get LOG memory sector record       Y      
#GTM Request an SMS with weather data           Y  
#IDT Input Delay Time: indicates how long a input has to be active before generating an alarm Y Y Y Y      
#INI INItialize: Initializes all parameters to the INIT default value Y Y Y Y Y Y  
#IPM sets the InPut Mode for the individual inputs Y Y Y Y      
#LGF Sets LoG_to_Flash memory parameters (Y)     Y   (Y)  
#LGG Sets LoG_to_GPRS parameters           Y  
#LGS Sets LoG_by_hourly_Sms parameters (Y)     Y Y    
#LGFCLEAR Clear (Erase) Flash Memory (Y)         (Y)  
#LGFDUMP DUMP data logged on Flash Memory (Y)         (Y)  
#LGV Define period for weather data sampling and averaging           Y  
#LLA? Long Lists of All tcs programmable parameters status (not always available) (Y) (Y) (Y)   (Y) (Y)  
#MHD Message HeaDer: Reads/Writes TCS ID and SMS serial number Y Y Y Y Y Y  
#MTX MaTriX: Reads/Writes matrix of association among TELephone numbers and INputs Y Y Y Y Y Y  
#NOA NO Acknowledgment: inhibits SMS acknowledgment Y Y Y Y Y y  
#OUT Sets or resets the OUTput pins Y Y Y Y Y    
#PIN Sets PIN for the SIM card Y Y Y Y Y Y  
#PPP Sets PPP parameters for GPRS connection (Y)         Y  
#PWD gives PassWorD to enable any following command by SMS Y Y Y Y Y Y  
#PWR Reads/Writes PoWeR variables (Y) Y N Y Y Y  
#REG Set expert Registers when available       Y      
#RES Software RESets the board Y Y Y Y Y Y  
#RTC Read/writes Real Time Clock in YYYYMMDD HHMMSS format Y Y Y Y Y Y  
#SCA Reads/Writes the Service Center Address Y Y Y Y Y Y  
#SCT Sets internal Clock with Telecom operator clock and date Y Y Y Y Y Y  
#SHD Sets temperature Hysteresis Details (Y) (Y)          
#SHS Sets time hysteresis (Y) (Y)          
#SLT RS232 SiLenT mode   Y          
#SMC Received and sent SMs Counters: read/write sms counters Y Y Y Y Y Y  
#SNS Read analog input value Y     Y      
#SRA Set Rain alarm           Y  
#SRU Set Rain Units           Y  
#SSE Sets thermostat season logic (Winter/Summer) (Y) (Y)          
#SSL Set Speed Limit for Alarm       Y      
#SSM Send a Short Message to a GSM terminal Y Y Y Y Y    
#STA Set low Temperature Alarm           Y  
#STP Stop and go to low power mode       Y      
#STU Set Temperature Units           Y  
#SWA Set strong Wind Alarm           Y  
#SWU Set Wind speed Units           Y  
#TCA Temperature CAlibration   Y          
#TEL Sets the GSM TELephone numbers ( up to 8) to which alarms will be sent Y Y Y Y Y Y  
#TMP Read TeMPerature, read/write alarm thresholds Y Y          
#TTT Set ThermostaT Temperature   (Y)          
#VCF Voice Call Functions Y Y Y Y   Y  
#VER Software Version Y Y Y Y Y Y  
#VSV Voice Payment Variables set (Y) N N N N N  
#WDC Reads Wind direction (to align wind vane)           Y  
#WHL Read/Write a telephone number to the WHite List Y Y Y Y   Y  

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