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Temperature control with GSM phones

With state of the art technology it is possible to control temperature of distant places using the popular GSM network and DPS-Promatic Telecom Control Systems (TCS) boards. System works well with heaters, Air conditioning, refrigerators etc.

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Temperature control with GSM phones

With wireless technology it is possible to control temperature of rooms, refrigerators, incubators and many other appliances using the popular GSM network and DPS-Promatic Telecom Control Systems (TCS) boards.

TCS 3.5 is supplied with the temperature option in versions TCS-CT, TCS-PRO and TCS-PRO-VOICE.

TCS-CT is a special Chrono Thermostat version that measures temperature through a probe (that we supply separately) and drives output 8 or 7 (you can program which) to activate or deactivate the heating/cooling system so to keep the temperature required.
Temperature range is 5 to 30 degrees celsius, with 0,2 degrees division. It is possible to set a low temperature alarm and a high temperature alarm. Passage through these thresholds will trigger alarm SMSs. The powerful Chrono thermostat function allows setting of daily set points at certain hours with different temperatures, for every week day. I.E. you can set 20 degrees on monday at 8:00 and then set 15 degrees at 22:00. Again you may set 21 degrees on tuesday at 8:00 and then set 16 degrees at 22:00 etc.
You can choose a temperature hysteresis or a time hysteresis and you may set Winter/Summer logic.
This is quite a powerful temperature control software not only for residential use but for professional use only.
If your company sells heating on a calories basis, this solution can help you a lot, avoiding energy waste and useless trips to a location.
If you have a house in the mountains and want to make sure temperature is kept correctly, the TCS-CT is the professional solution you want.
TCS in versions TCS-PRO and TCS-PRO VOICE is supplied with the standard Temperature Alarm software, that measures temperatures in the range -25 to +100 degrees celsius, with 1 degree accuracy.
It monitors temperature to be within a minimum and a maximum value, and sends alarm when these borders are crossed.
This version can be used to monitor industrial refrigerators, electrical transformers animal farms or any location or machine where temperature control is significant.
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