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TCS IVR (Interactive Voice Response) function

TCS IVR (Interactive Voice Response) function enables you to read sensors values listening to them from any touch tone phone via DTMF tones. It comes into the TCS 3.5 PRO-VOICE version.

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  TCS IVR (Interactive Voice Response) function enables you to read sensors values listening to them from any phone.
This can be useful when it is impossible to sens an SMS to retrieve data or because the telephone from which the call is placed is a normal land line phone. If you buy the TCS with the DTMF and voice menu option (TCS-PRO-VOICE) , you will be able to control most of the functionslistening to the instructions (e.g. 'to read input dial 1') and using the touch tones coming from any telephone to command the TCS functions or to read parameters.
In this way you will be able to check and control your TCS even from a Phone Booth.
  • Try our demo TCS IVR board! call +39-347-9909971 and check the status of inputs, time, temperature, analog input.
    We have programmed it with a user password so you can check also this security feature.

    How does it work?
  • When you call +39-347-9909971 you will hear 3 tones that will prompt you to insert your password, that, for this board, has been programmed to 123456.
  • After the 3 tones type 123456 on your phone, the voice reading the menu will start soon after.
  • If you made a mistake digiting the password you are allowed to try 3 times (wait again for the tones).

    Following Voice instructions you may set or reset outputs. Since they are hardwired to the inputs (Out 1 to IN 1, Out 2 to IN 2 etc. etc.) you may try to set an output and read the input to check that is actually changed.
    That is the menu you get when you buy the DTMF and voice menu option.

  • If you don't want to test this working unit, you may check a sample of the IVR voice.

    Besides the standard version , in english, we can develope special interactive menus.
    We need the files in WAV format, at 44100 hz sampling rate, 16 bit. We will downsample them to fit into our flash eprom.
    Sometimes, according to quantity involved and our judgment, we don't charge anything to develop the basic IVR in other languages if customer supplies good quality wav files, that we will use in the future also for other customers.

    We use the Voice Synthesizer in our TCS METEO station and we use it in some projects where there is a request of reading the temperature or the sensors.

    Just as an example, these are the number 1,2,3 in Italian (click to hear the WAV file):

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