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TCS-GPS: Hi-tech solution for GPS and GSM position and alarm

NOTE: This Product is available in 2 versions, 900-1800 MHZ (Europe and Asia GSM) and 850-1900 Mhz (USA and part of South America ). Specify your GSM band when ordering.
DPS-Promatic has developed a complete GPS and GSM unit that can be located into any vehicle or boat for simple, safe and powerful operation without any special service subscription and in complete independence.
This unit will store the currrent position, it has 1 input, 1 output and 1 analog input. Data can be logged into a 8 Mbit flash memory for later retrieval or can be sent at programmed intervals through SMS. A version with GPRS UDP packets can be supplied on request.
The TCS-GPS can be controlled and GPS position can be received by means of any GSM phone.
Check our GPRS demo of a Bus round trip in Forli.
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TCS-GPS GPS and GSM positioning and alarm  
TCS-GPS unit consists in:
  • TCS-GPS electronic board including dual band GSM modem and 12 channels GPS receiver
  • GPS Patch antenna
  • GSM antenna
  • I/O and power cable

  • Specifications:
  • Power Supply: 6-28 VDC
  • Instantaneous position can be obtained by SMS in the most popular formats
  • A position and radius can be locked and alarm sent upon entering or exiting the area
  • Maximum speed (programmable) alarm SMS
  • Crash alarm SMS (with acceleration/deceleration detector)
  • Low power stand-by mode
  • 8 Megabit flash memory to log up to 8000 points with smart log mode
  • Sampling period programmable
  • Input for optional backup battery
  • 1 Analog input
  • 1 digital input
  • 1 digital output
  • TCS-GPS GPS and GSM positioning and alarm  

    DPS-Promatic has developed a complete GPS and GSM unit that can be located into any vehicle or boat. This unit will store the currrent position, has 1 input and 1 output and has a an analog input. It also has an acceleration monitor to send an SMS in case of crash. data can be logged in a 8 Mbit flash memory for later retrieval or can be sent at programmed intervals through SMS. A version with UDP packets through GPRS can be supplied on request. In this way you will be able to monitor the position of trucks, cars and boats and to receive an alarm if the device has moved from a marked position (e.g. if they steal your boat or car).
    TCS-GPS II GPS and GSM tracking block diagram

    How does it work?:
    The TCS-GPS unit is sold into a dust and water protected box. In the standard version is comes with a GPS and a GSM antenna.
    It can be powered from 6 to 28 VDC and it can be attached also to an extra backup battery.
    It has 1 input that can be used to trigger an alarm SMS (i.e. it can be connected to the car alarm) or to a door switch. It has 1 output that is useful to switch on or off something from remote.
    TCS-GPS II has also an analog input, that is very convenient to monitor refrigerated trucks so to check temperature along with speed and position, as well as fuel level etc.

    You only need to insert a GSM SIM and install the TCS-GPS in the vehicle. You can then control it from a remote telephone via SMS.
    You don't need to subscribe to any service.
    Example of operating modes:
  • 1- Acquire position: you can put your phone in the TCS access list and then either placing a call (that is rejected) or sending an SMS you can receive an SMS with all data into a string formatted as below:

  • 2- Track continuously: you can program the TCS so it will send its position by SMS at programmed intervals (programmable from 1 to 32000 minutes).
  • 3- Track and store: You can store the complete sentence with all position and alarm data at programmed intervals and then download the data in ASCII format placing a data call. If you choose to store the position every minute, there is enough Flash Memory capacity to store up to 85 hours of data. If you choose to store position every hour, the capacity is enough for 213 days!
    This operating mode is the best to control fleet vehicle movements.
  • 4- Movement alert: You can MARK the current position (e.g. your boat in the harbour) and then receive an SMS everytime it moves more than a certain amount.
  • 5- See position on a map: Send a request by SMS. The unit will answer within a few seconds with an SMS containing position in a format ( degrees and millionth of degree) that can be typed in Map Point, Autoroute or many internet services free fo charge.

  • TCS-GPS II GPS and GSM low cost tracking

    Example of basic usage of TCS-GPS without needing any special server or service
    TCS-GPS II GPS and GSM low cost tracking

    Example of sophisticated usage of TCS-GPS with a server that receives via GPRS or SMS or data call (CSD) actual vehicle position and serves over the internet a PHP page dynamically generated.
    This solution (or even the service) can be provided by us on request. Price varies according to specifications.

    TCS-GPS II GPS and GSM low cost tracking

    Example of installation below a car. Normally the GPS unit must be placed in a position where it can see the sky pointing high and not below. With the High sensitivity 12 satellites GPS receiver that we use, the unit can work even below the car (on the edge, not hidden below) and still receive from 3 to 8 satellites that is enough to provide a correct position.

    Specification of data logged into the flash memory:
    Position is acquired every second from the built in 12 satellites GPS receiver and is stored into flash memory in a convenient format with comma separated variables (CSV) that provides the following record:
    $DPTG2, 2003/01/15, 20:26, TCS-GPS-01, 517, 2, 4413.5589 , N, 048.0984, E, 33.0, 0.00, 8, 0, 1, 0, 0, 15, 180, 8, 27, 15, E, 5.2, *3A

    A description of every field is available at this link

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