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After 2 years of experience with the TCS-CAM, that was the first stand-alone GSM camera available, DPS-Promatic has designed a new model: TCS-CAM II, that is GSM, GPRS and has jpeg compression. Resolution is 640x480, 320x240 or less.

Images received on a server in GPRS are visible on http://tcscam.maxpor.net

To try our demo TCS-CAM II with a data call: Download the TCS-CAM II controller, install it on your PC and call with a modem +39-348-2567597. You will be able to download a picture of our parking lot in different formats.
IMPORTANT NOTE: when you will download the software, there will be a different number in it. You need to replace it with +39-348-2567597.

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TCS-CAM GSM digital camera

TCS-CAM II is GSM and GPRS. using GPRS it can send images in UDP packets to any server in the internet. These images can be retrieved from any computer or hand-held device or telephone.
Here are some samples of the images taken with TCS-CAM II:
  • Outdoor image, 320x240
  • Indoor image, 320x240
  • Outdoor image, 640x480
  • Indoor image, 640x480

  • The same pictures can be seen on any mobile phone or hand-held device of the new generation, with colour LCD. here is an example of the 2 images ween on a Nokia 7650 using the standard built-in browser:

    Images are sent by the camera in GPRS over the internet (for a cost of about 5 cents each picture compared to 60 cents of an MMS). Images are received in UDP packets by a server that can be setup for a cost ranging from 1000 to 5000 Euro depending on the capability and the performance needed). Once images are stored in the server, into a DataBase, they can be accessed by any device with browsing capability, like a computer or an hand held device or a GSM phone with colour display.
    We can offer the service for customers with a low volume that does not justify the investment in a server or in a IP address.
    Here is how it works:

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