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TCS 3.5: the best choice for your GSM remote controls available also in GPRS

The TCS 3.5 Board is a 4 layers SMD unit that includes a dual band GSM modem, designed for remote control applications in industrial and professional environment. It can be used as the remote terminal for many applications in telemetry, telematics, remote controls, mobile pay, alarms and more.
TCS 3.5 Options and specifications:
  • TCS 3.5 versions
  • TCS-BOX ready to use solution
  • TCS-RB8: 8 Relays board for TCS-3.5
  • Battery management option
  • Temperature management options
  • Analog input option
  • 4 inputs analog expansion
  • DTMF decoder Voice Options for TCS 3.5
  • Voice Synthesizer for TCS 3.5
  • TCS Data Logger Option
  • TCS-Commander PC software package

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    TCS 3.5 dual band board including GSM engine

    TCS 3.5 Industrial grade dual band GSM remote control board

    Thanks to GSM networks and DPS-Promatic TCS 3.5 it is possible to:
  • Monitor remote machinery fault conditions, critical processes, liquid levels, fires etc.
  • Monitor refrigerators
  • Monitor the elders or the disabled, with alarm sent up to 8 telephones
  • Receive burglar alarms on a phone
  • Remote control Heating or Cooling systems
  • Vending machines auditing of stock and cash ( and mobile pay ).

  • Technical data of the different models (not all models have all features)
  • 8 Digital inputs TTL level (active low, active high or counters software selectable)
  • 8 Open collector outputs
  • 1 low power relay output (in parallel with output 8)
  • 1 4-20 ma analog input (also usable as 1-5 V)
  • 1 temperature input
  • On board lead battery charger
  • 512 Kbytes flash eprom for data logging (option)
  • Speech synthesizer (TCS-PRO-VOICE)
  • DTMF decoder (TCS-PRO-VOICE)

  • Power supply: 12-24 VAC or 12-35 VDC
  • Operating temperature range: 0-50 C guaranteed, tested to -5/50
  • Type of SIM: standard small size 3V SIM

  • After 21 years in electronis and 4 years in wireless controls DPS-Promatic can offer a very reliable product crafted according to the suggestions of hundreds of customers that have shared the pioneering phase with us.
    Engineers from the most different countries have told us what their needs were, we have evaluated their requests and most of the times we have implemented them.

    When one thinks of a remote control, usually concentrates on the central control server and web interface. This is what most companies do and advertise, mainly because it is the part that anybody can understand, expecially people versed more on the commercial rather then on the technical side.
    Unfortunately for some, but luckily for us, the real problem lays in the terminal side. You can build the most sophisticated central server in the world (we also can do it, by the way, check http://tcs.maxpor.net for details..) but if you rely on standard GSM modems as terminals there are really little results you can achieve.
    If you use a simple GSM modem as terminal (or, even worse, standard phones used as modems), you don't have any on-site intelligence, everything is based on orders received by the central unit, and most of the time this orders are received placing costly and not efficient data calls, and not using SMS message.
    GPRS: TCS 3.5 as a standard is not GPRS. We can offer it in GPRS version for special applications. Since GPRS can't be used without a IP network, that usually means a central server, we can't offer any standard solutions in GPRS. We have developed a PPP and UDP protocol handler for the TCS 3.5 so we have no problem in offering you our board for any application that requires GPRS. Unfortunately most people are not aware of what GPRS is, or worst, they think they know, thanks to bad teachers from telecom companies who will tell you that is all what you need to solve your problems from toothache to data transmission.

    The TCS 3.5 unit is a powerful and professional solution:
  • TCS 3.5 has its own microprocessor and controls inputs and outputs on-site even without long time connection with a central server (that is not a necessity).
  • TCS 3.5 can be reached using SMS messages, that are today's most reliable way of remote controling via GSM network, or via DATA call. In both ways commands are the same.
  • TCS 3.5 has its own Real time clock, allowing stand alone scheduled operation
  • TCS 3.5 has non volatile memory on board wher all parameters and numbers are stored permanently. Since nothing is stored on the SIM card you can change it anytime you want still keeping the same TCS 3.5 configuration.
  • TCS 3.5 has its own power supply on board, allowing wide operating voltages (12-24 VAC or 12-35 VDC)
  • TCS 3.5 can install various options on-board like: battery charger and power management, temperature management, analog inputs either 4-20 ma current loop or 1-5 V voltage type, DTMS recognition or speech synthesizer.
  • TCS 3.5 can be controled by a user using a simple phone, but it can also interface a central server for more sophisticated projects, or both.
  • TCS 3.5 is not a cheap solution, it is a 4 layers SMD board designed according to industry standards to withstand electrical noise and difficult operation environments. We didn't design it having as a last resource the manual reset (remove battery to restart...) typical of portable phones.
  • TCS 3.5 is designed for the Siemens TC35 dual band engine and we recommend the standard version with the on-board GSM engine for inexperienced customers. Upon request me can also supply a version without the on-board modm that has been tested with the Nokia 30, Wavecom WMOD2 and Siemens TC35T (boxed version)
  • For detailed versions characteristics and more details please take a look at the:
  • TCS 3.5 available versions.
  • TCS 3.5 Instructions Manual
  • TCS 3.5 Commands list on-line.

    What do we supply?
  • The TCS 3.5 board, into one of the available versions
  • Accessories that we supply separately:
  • Antenna cable adaptor from the TC35 nano connector to a standard FME connector
  • Magnetic antenna and other cables
  • The TCSBOX: a ready-to-use solution that includes everything.

  • Our STARTER KIT recommendation?:
  • The TCSBOX with the TCS 3.5 board that you prefer. This provides EVERYTHING you need to start using a TCS remote control. Check its specifications.

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