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The TCS Micro is robust and easy to use, nevetherless there are a few things to consider when using it for the first time.
This page contains most important informations to enable you to use your TCS Micro.
Basically you need to:
  • 1- Power the unit connecting to the AC/DC input any DC voltage from 12 to 35VDC or any AC voltage from 12 to 24VAC.
  • 2- insert a SIM that does not ask for a PIN code (to remove this request you should insert it in a phone and select this feature).
    Once you have succesfully switched on your TCS Micro you may program a PIN into it using the #PIN command and then you can insert a SIM with that PIN you have programmed.

  • Operation:
    When the TCS Micro switches on:
  • The RED LED (status) will flash every 2 seconds
  • It will flash every second while registering to the network
  • Once registered it will flash every 4 seconds
  • The green LED (GSM activity) will flash everytime the GSM module is receiving or transmitting something (i.e. during a call or SMS or while registering to the network)

  • TCS Micro SMS Commands The TCS Micro has some SMS commands that are used to program telephone numbers, set clock etc. some of them are similar to the TCS 3.5 commands with some limitations
    If you are not familiar with our TCS boards here are some explanations:
  • Commands to the TCS Micro must be sent via SMS
  • a command SMS must always start with #PWD followed by a 6 digits alphanumeric password (default is 123456)
  • You can group commands together
  • Every command must start with # and must be in CAPITAL LETTERS
  • the #INI command ERASES any previous setting so be careful when issuing it.
    A common mistake is to send a #INI at the end, after other commands. This will erase previous commands.
  • The TCS Micro will answer to your commands with an SMS (unless you put the #NOA command at the end of the command SMS) but in order to be able to answer, it needs a valid SMS center number that you should ask to your operator.
  • A common first command to send to your TCS Micro is #PWD123456#SCAyour_operator_sms_number#SCT
    The above command will setup the SMS center number that you will write in place of your_operator_sms_number and will synchronize TCS Micro clock with your operator clock.

  • TCS MICRO special functions:
  • Gate opening function, with 64 numbers white list, programmable with #WHL command
  • Gate pulse length (standard is 300 ms) programmable in ms with the #GOT command
  • Automatic clock update (#ACU command): as the TCS MICRO does not have a battery backed up real time clock on board if you switch off the unit date and time are lost. If you enable the #ACU command, the unit will send to itself an SMS to set the internal clock with the operator.

  • tcs micro picture 1
    TTL serial port:
  • 1- reserved
  • 2- TTL RX
  • 3- TTL TX
  • 4- GND

  • I/O connector
  • 1- Relais Common (max 48V 0,5A)
  • 2- Relais Contact N.O. (max 48V 0,5A)
  • 3- Power Output (5V, 50ma)
  • 4- Optocoupler Anode
  • 5- Optocoupler Catode
  • 6- GND

  • SIM holder Some older type SIMs can move into the SIM holder and cause false contacts. Make sure you don't have this problem in case your device has difficulty in registering to the network.

    tcs micro picture 2
    Bottow view of the TCS-Micro board. The antenna is printed on the PCB. If you remove the engine be very careful when opening the flat cable connector and the antenna connector. They are very fragile and if they break they are not covered by warranty.

    tcs micro picture 3
    Examples of I/O external connections (the circuits on the right are inside the TCS Micro).

    Warning: Don't use the same power source for the TCS-Micro and your other unit that is connected to the input unless you use circuit 2. If you use circuit 1, the same GND is used for both circuits and due to the presence of the rectifier in the TCS-Micro power supply input, you will have problems including breakage of the board! (=no warranty!!)

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