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TCA-METER: vending machine mornitoring with your mobile phone.

TCA-METER is very useful,low cost device to mornitoring all kinds of vending machines.
With it, you can check the counter anytime from everywhere with your mobile phone.
With it, you can know the takings,consumables remains in the machines anytime,anywhere with your mobile.before the consumables finish, the device will send you SMS alarm to ask you to fulfill the consumables.

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The Specifications of TCS-Meter :
  • Designed to interface any machine to count pulses.
  • It can be sent SMS automatically to the mobile phone at 10:00 everyday including the value of total counter and partial counter.
  • Includes GSM modem TC35i (GSM)
  • can be used as a coin counter for any automatic machine.
  • Total and partial counters
  • Counter reset by SMS.
  • Can be set a comparative value, when the counter reached this value, it will send sms to the mobile phones
  • very easy to install and setting.

The features of TCA-Meter:
  • Meter reading:
    It can be sent the value of total counter and partial counter automatically by SMS to the mobile phones at 10:00 every day. You can also check the counters by sending the SMS to the system anytime to get the counter values.
  • Alarm features
    It can set a Comparative values for inputs. When the value of partial counter reached the comparative value, it will send alarm SMS to the mobile phones. This feature is very useful for monite the consumables of the vending machines.
    for example, such as the drinking machine, the total drinking in the machine is 100 bottles, you can set the comparative value=90. when the machine sold 90 bottles of drinking, It will send you a sms "COUSUMABLES WILL BE SOLD OUT" to the mobile phones.

The advantage of TCA-Meter
  • Saving operating cost
    The vending machine operator always meets a problem that waste the time and money to send the people to check the machines continually. but most of tme the machines are full of consumables and sometime some machines have no consumables to sell for several days. With our TCA-meter, you can know very clearly which machines need to supplenment.
  • easy to management
    Every morning, the machines will send you a sms and you can arrange the people check or add the consumables easily and also you can know very well about the takings for each machines from the total counters at the end of month.
  • keep the good service
    With our TCA-meter, you will never have the problems that the machines stop due to the consumables sold out. you can increase the takings and also keep the good service.

Our TCA-meter is the wise choice for the vending machine operator!

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