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Body Weight Colour(BWS-XB), the professional coin operated video scale for the professional operator, has all the features needed in a coin operated weighing machine and is now available in the new model...
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Body Weight Style XB is the latest addition to the Body Weight Style family of scales. It has all the specifications of the previous models, plus an attractive blu display, a new attractive height meter with led bars and a light on the top detector. It has simplified data input and a complete printout with the most popular features including daily biorhythm and horoscope, lucky numbers, Body Mass index and ideal weight.

Ideal for shopping centers and pharmacies. this hi-tech looking scale is made of strong steel, it has strength and good professional look. It comes with ultrasonic height meter, fast printer and cutter. It prints a ticket with weight, height BMI, Ideal weight, optional daily horoscope and Biorhythm.
Weighs in Kg, Lb, St Lb and Oz. Measures height in cm and feet and inches.

Available in the following language versions (bi-lingual):
  • English-Spanish
  • Italian-German
  • German-English
  • Hungarian-English
  • French-English.
  • There is no minimum order required.

    Download BWS-XB instruction manual v 1.0

    Dimensions in cm:
    31cm(W)x62cm(D)x126cm(H) or 226cm with height meter
    Dimensions in Ft and In:
    1´(W) x 2´1"(D) x 4´1"(H) or 7´2" with height meter
    Weight:35 Kg (77 Lb)
    Power: 110/240V 50/60 Hz 100VA

    Made in Italy (with Love)

    low cost professional coin-operated weighting scale
    Here is an example of the ticket of the Body Weight Style XB.
    The ticked header has 4 lines user programmable.
    Measured weight is printed, up to 200 Kg in steps of 100g.
    Measured height is printed along with BMI (Body Mass Index) and ideal weight calculation.
    If the option has been anabled, ticket continues with daily fortune, that includes days lived, daily biorhythm, daily horoscope for love health and business and lucky numbers.
    The number of digit to print and the lucky number range is programmable.
    ticket of low cost professional coin-operated weighting scale
    View from the top of BWS-XB, with its blue display. bws-xb view from the top
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