Medical Scale with Ultrasonic Sensor and BMI Calculator

World Logic Limited is the designated medical scales supplier by Hospital Authority (HA) Hong Kong.
The scales we supply in Hong Kong are desighed by DPS-Promatic SRL, Italy, a company that started to manufacture the body weight scales since 1985.
World Logic Limited started to assemby the medical scales under the license of the manufacturer in 2005 and supplied over 300 machines to the hospitals, clinics, universities in Hong Kong

Body Weight People Weighing Scales (medical scale)

There are two models we offer in Hong Kong market at moment as the picture shows on the left. They are BWS-XB and new model BWS-XA.

Both of them are accurate and robust and can work without any major technical problem for over 15 years.

Both of them offer the Body Mass index (BMI). Printer with guillotine cutter designed to prevent any paper-jam.

Both of them are desighed in Italy by DPS-Promatic srl, a company in business since 1985 and assembled in Hong Kong by Worldl Logic Limited.

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